A Pass You Can’t Pass Up

A driver’s license and a season pass to a ski resort may be the two most important IDs for a Coloradoan. Monarch Mountain’s One Planet One Pass is a prized possession for many residents of Chaffee, Fremont, Pueblo and El Paso counties. Why is a season pass to Monarch Mountain such a gem?

“Hometown Mountain”

Tailgating on the closing day

The nickname seems appropriate. The lift lines don’t snake around and around; the lift operators often address you by your name; you can tail gate in the parking lot and there’s a family friendly portion of the lodge where many skiers and snowboarders set up their crockpots and coolers.

Definitely, season pass holders say one of the attractions of Monarch is this laid back atmosphere.

Fun for the whole family
© Stephanie Glaser

“I enjoy the small mountain environment, and the potential access to backcountry,” says Jared Todd, a Buena Vista resident, who buys a season pass every year.  “I choose not to live in a city, and I choose not to go to a city resort,” he maintains.

Miki Hodge, a Salida resident, recently purchased her season pass “to enjoy the winter days of Chaffee County.”  She also appreciates the hometown feel. “It’s a great way to enjoy winter with my family.

Monarch has great snow

© Kurt Glaser

Let’s face it. Colorado is an awesome place to ski or snowboard. With so many ski resorts, what makes Monarch special to many skiers and snowboarders is the snow.

“Monarch is all natural,” says Kurt Glaser who has had a Monarch season pass every year since 1980. “No man made snow. It is one of the only ski areas that doesn’t make snow,” Glaser maintains.

Todd, a snowboarder, also commends Monarch’s snow and says, “In a bad snow year like last year, there’s still enough snow to make runs and spin down the hill when other areas are closed due to lack of snow.

Monarch is affordable

Salidan Shelly Trojanovich buys a season pass, “Because I love Monarch.” She also points out one of the main benefits of having a pass.

© Stephanie Glaser

“I like a season pass because if you go up and the snow is crappy or it’s a yucky day, you don’t feel like you’ve wasted a bunch of money. You can just come home and go in and have a beer or go and stop by the Jug!” [We like that answer!]

t’s not just locals who think a Monarch season pass is a good deal. According to Denver’s Westword Magazine, the Monarch One Planet One Pass is “the best deal on the planet.”

“It’s a great deal especially with the 30 other areas I can ski at for free,” says Glaser. Westword and Glaser are talking about this:

The Monarch One Planet One Pass includes 31 ski areas that have partnered with Monarch. A Monarch pass will get you into several other ski areas in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, California, Michigan, Arizona, North Carolina, British Columbia, Germany, Austria, and Spain.

Get an even more affordable Monarch One Planet One Pass — One for FREE

Kelley Jones doesn’t yet have a season pass so she plans to enter Jug Liquors’s “Rip it Up” Sweepstakes for a chance to win a Monarch 2012-13 season pass.

“I love to ski and I want to ski with my kids, and I plan to rip it up,” says Jones.

Follow Kelley Jones’s lead and come into the Jug to enter. The winner will be drawn on Saturday, October 27.  Just fill out this registration form and bring it down!


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