Boating on the River with another Cool Liquid

michael and steve on boats

The river water glistens and shimmers with the western sun. Waves lapping the sides of the raft occasionally rush over in a splash. The winter runoff feels frigid yet refreshing.

It doesn’t take long before another shimmery, cold, refreshing liquid enters the scene. And this one you can drink. We’re talking about beer.

Beer and Boating Just Go Together — Why?

“Because it has from the beginning of time,” says librarian and veteran boater LaVonne Meek. To her, it’s simple. “Hot Day, Cold Beer.”

© Jill Davis

© Jill Davis

“It’s natural,” says CEO of Epic Valley Salsa and boater Tim Markel. When on the river, according to Markel, “drinking beer is an automatic thing you do. There’s a natural synergy between boats and beer.”

Part of the connection is the social nature of river rafting says Meek’s coworker and fellow librarian Susan Mathews. And when you’re with friends and family on a hot day of rafting, beer is a bonus.

“It’s having something special,” she says. “We have beers, and then we let the kids have flavored soda water.”

Many boaters have that same attitude since beer often tops the list of things to bring on both single or multi-day river trips. Retail Buyer for Salida Mountain Sports Amy Reed has been on several multi-day family trips. She says beer is a must. “A lot of cheap, canned cold beer and soda for the kids.”

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